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Hey, I’m Deborah,

I help coaches, physicians and consultants—who have a proven system—create business-building books and get leads from copy.

I’ve studied the strategies, tactics and actions that allow coaches and consultants to get more inbound leads. And I’ve dissected what works to grow a training or consulting business.

I draw from my 22 book collaborations, 20+ years of experience and 30+ brands I’ve helped. And, of course, from growing my own successful business.

Sometimes, we need to know how to start. So now I share my learnings in a weekly email letter and live video show.

When your perfect clients appear “out of the blue” and your inbox fills with requests, it feels good. And you can do it.

Yet it can’t happen if you don’t start. You need action. Determination. The right steps. A process.

If you don’t start now, where will you be in a year?



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Deborah oversaw the online marketing for my company, which included SEO, AdWords campaigns and the email marketing program. Using her copywriting and conversion optimization skills, she increased the response rate to our online course from 15% to 42% in six months. We were happy with her results, and she’s fun to work with.
— —Bill Cates, President, Referral Coach International