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Hello. I’m Deborah Ager.

What’s this place all about?

Words build business. And this site is your source to build business with words. That means business-building words to:

get your message out there.

share your proven system.

gain students.

get leads.

This website is your source for:

  • Book authorship to position you as an expert while teaching your students your proven system.

  • Teaching you to write so people say, “Yes, I will sign up for your course / hire you / join / give you $$ for your project.”

About Deborah Ager aka “Me”

Yep, I wrote this in the third person. I mean, she wrote this in the third person.

Deborah Ager, founder of the Book Activation Method, has written professionally for 20+ years. She’s taught others to write books, authored them herself, written them for others, and coached people to write their own.

To put herself through graduate school at the University of Florida (for creative writing—what else?), she wrote copy for the citrus industry. Her words sold a lot of grapefruit, and she discovered 57 ways to describe an orange.

The “boss people” at later jobs discovered she could write. And they entrusted her with the big proposal, the sales copy or the persuasive PowerPoint for the CXO. All this boiled down to persuading people to change how they see something—and that’s what all good business-building books do.

Publications that published Deborah:

The Tablet, The Week, Kveller, Narratively, Modern Loss, Greatist and contributions to books published by Bloomsbury Publishing (New York | London | Sydney) and Oxford University Press.

The strangest place her writing appeared:

In an exhibit at the Executive Office Building in Rockville, MD.

She’s presented / spoken at:

The New York Public Library, College of St. Rose, SUNY, Grinnell and others.

The Strangest Place She’s Presented

She taught a “moving” poetry workshop partly on a metro station platform at Arlington National Cemetery. Yeah, it was weird. And also fun.

So how’d she get into this book writing business?

An agency owner asked her to create a book about his proven system. First, she told him she didn’t write books for others. And then she did it anyway. And had a blast. Now that book consistently brings in new clients.

In the five years since, she’s helped dozens of business owners develop business-building books faster than they could alone. So far, she’s collaborated on 22 books.

Deborah’s writing earned awards and recognition, including the Maryland State Arts Council Award for fiction, a Tennessee Williams scholarship to the Sewanee Writers’ Conference and residencies at the prestigious MacDowell Colony, among others.

Fun Facts

When she’s not writing, she hikes, visits art exhibits and attempts back hand springs. Deborah lives in Maryland yet calls it “Washington, DC.” She remembers the old days when you could drive right in front of the White House.


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