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3 Secrets to Profitable Writing on LinkedIn

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3 Secrets to Profitable Writing on LinkedIn

You’ve been posting on LinkedIn. Or you’re thinking about it.
And you wonder why you’re only hearing crickets.🦗

And isn’t LinkedIn just for job seekers anyway?

I felt the same way three years ago.

That’s when I began to apply my writing and lead gen skills to LinkedIn.

And I discovered two main things:

🧀 I *could* spend time driving an hour to networking events with platters of cherry tomatoes and cheese cubes. And I’d make a friend—but get 0 clients.

🧀 I could use LinkedIn and save hours and $$ on travel, parking, dressing up, etc.

Using LinkedIn—and perfecting my lead generation craft there—seemed like a no brainer.

So I used it to get clients. And people began reaching out to hire me.

Clients said they wanted to learn what I was doing.

Plus, I received interview requests and other opportunities “out of the blue.”

What was I doing?

I didn’t know.

It all came naturally from my more than 20 years of copywriting and lead generation experience.

So I wrote down exactly what I was doing, so I could explain it to others.

And I created Content Camp to teach this to coaches and consultants in a FUN way, so they get more leads and opportunities.

For this mini-lesson, I’ve gathered 3 of my most profitable LinkedIn content writing tips to share with you.

And you get a free mini-lesson...

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Hello. Hello. It is so wonderful to see you guys. This is Deborah Ager, and I'm so delighted you're here. I come here every Wednesday at 1:00 PM to share different pieces of the puzzle when it comes to using words to get inbound leads. And so today I'm talking about the three secrets to profitable writing on LinkedIn. And these are the same steps that I've used and I've taught other people to use in order to get more business on the LinkedIn platform with their content. So, you might have been posting on LinkedIn before, maybe it just wasn't working too well for you. If you have, it's very common that that's the case, so I wouldn't worry about it. But I want to know before we dive in, what is on that bucket list of yours? So for me, it is hiking the Appalachian trail, and the Appalachian trail in the US goes from Maine to Georgia.

It's all through different kinds of forests and it is really long, as you can imagine. Hey Candie, nice to see you. And so that's on my bucket list. Candie, I'd love to know what's on your bucket list. So feel free to let me know in the comments. So I'm so glad you're here for this live show where we talk, we have fun and we learn about words and how to use some to build your business through content. And every week I have this 10 minute lesson. So type hello below here, whether you're watching the replay, I just love to know that people came by and saw it. So today is all about the three secrets to creating profitable writing on LinkedIn. And I'll share exactly what's worked well for me when it comes to getting new opportunities in my inbox. And I'm teaching you this so that you can experience good results and not have to spend so much time reaching out to people, sending messages, sending pitches or whatever it is.

This way you have the opportunities coming to you. So my name is Deborah Ager, and as a published author and collaborator of more than 22 books and also a marketer, who's generated more than a hundred million dollars, I guide coaches and consultants to be able to use their words to get more inbound leads. And one thing that my clients say makes me different is that I have 20 plus years of marketing experience that helps keep them from making or falling into some of those common pitfalls. So I'm combining all of this to guide people through using words to get leads. And a little fun fact about me, I love green tea. So, I love to sample them. So let me know if you have a fun fact about yourself below, let me know. Alright, so I'm here to share a few pieces of Content Camp Launcher System that I teach in my Content Camp, and it comes straight from what I normally only share with my students and clients.

So I work with coaches and consultants who are passionate about their gifts and want to share and amplify what they're doing, because they want to amplify their opportunities, like speaking engagements, consulting assignments, having more people know what they do, all that good stuff. And it can be so easy to share on social media and just hear crickets, or maybe not even hear crickets. So it can be really frustrating if you don't hear anything. And then like nothing's happening, no leads, no opportunities. It can feel like, oh, why am I here trying to do this? So type one below if that's ever happened to you. I'm going to type one below because I was that way once. That happened to me at some point. So today's topic again is three secrets to profitable writing on LinkedIn. And first I want to share with you a bonus tip.

So when you're creating your content, I want you to talk to one person. A lot of times people are trying to talk to a lot of different people and it can get really confusing for them. And then they're trying to, it's like they're trying to do a tango and a modern dance all at once, or they're trying to drive a truck and a sports car at the same time. It just doesn't work. So talk to that one person and find that one person that you're talking to. And that is going to lead us into this next step, which is, in April I helped 197 people with their LinkedIn headlines on social media. And in July I helped another hundred or so, and I kept finding some commonalities in the issues that I saw there, and people weren't really sure what to put in their social media profiles, whether it was Facebook or LinkedIn because they weren't talking to that one person.

I also see people posting content that does not get engagement. And sure we all have flops from time to time. I experiment all the time, and not all of my content gets tons of engagement, and that's okay too. But sometimes people are not getting any results and then that's an issue. So does that sound like anything you've ever experienced? Just type three below if that's true. I'm going to type three because it's definitely happened to me before. I know Candie, I totally hear you. Well I hope these tips are going to help you. So type three if that's ever happened to you before. And then the three secrets I'm about to teach will also help you make the most of your time on social media. Cause you don't want to be on here 24 hours a day.

Right? And you want to create content that connects with other people. So problem, problem one that people have is the content itself. Like one of those 297 people I spoke with, I'm changing the details here, so this is sort of a details from a bunch of people. So it's no one person, but basically I found that there was usually a photo in someone's social media posts. I would find there was a photo of people in an office and sometimes there was a big official logo behind them and then they were shaking hands. And you see a lot of this on LinkedIn, and it's just like, if you can imagine that picture, like what do you feel? Do you feel inspired, excited? Do you feel like, Eh? You know, like just think about how would you feel if you see that picture? So the post might say something like, their company won an award or somebody had a speaking engagement or they had widgets on sale.

So the issue there is they probably weren't talking to that one person that I mentioned before in the bonus tip. So type four if you've ever done something like that before, because it is so, so common. Hey Irena, so good to see you. Thank you for stopping by. So I asked her, you know, if she wanted a few pointers. So once she gave me permission and said yes, I gave her these pointers. I suggested she write a letter. Can you guys remember ever writing a letter? I used to write letters to my friends and camp, which is kinda fun because I'm teaching Content Camp now. But anyway, write your ideal person that you want to work with a letter. One of the big problems that people have that I mentioned earlier is that they write too generally, or they stay at the surface level.

They stayed the surface level of like, I have widgets, you buy my widget, but they're not really speaking to our heart, but it's like they're speaking to our eyeballs. They're not even speaking to our mind. So it doesn't really connect with people where they are or with what problems they have or really with how humans think, you know? And we want to, we want to connect with how humans think. So this one step will help you focus more deeply so you can better speak to people in all your content, in your copy. So you can use what you write to create a post. It works that way. So this is not like wasted time where you're going to write something and it goes to the side. So that is step one. Now that leads us into the second, the second secret here, which is there is a buyer path.

Okay? So you might've heard this before, you might not have, but the bottom line is a lot of coaches and consultants are never taught that there's a common buyer path that people take. And it's the same no matter what you do or who you are or what industry you're in. Number one is awareness. Number two is when they consider you. Number three is when they're making a decision. And then number four is when they take action. Now a lot of times we're just going for the action. We're like, Woohoo, we like action. People hired me, they bought my stuff, they hired me to come in and consult. But we don't really put a lot of attention on those awareness, consideration and decision. And that's where a lot of focus does need to go in order for our businesses to work with content. So your content needs to both educate people in that awareness stage and then inspire them when they're considering and deciding and then before they take action.

I take my students through a process to figure all of this out with their content for each of these stages. And that means they can meet people, they can meet their ideal people, where they are in that consideration process. It's so cool. So that leads us into the next secret, which is once we write to the one person and then we have content for where they are in that whole path, then we want to get the content out there. And you know what, I'm going to suggest LinkedIn, but that's not all I'm going to suggest. So an overlooked part of LinkedIn that people just don't pay much attention to, and probably honestly with good reason, is the article. A lot of people don't bother writing articles, or they might write articles and get nothing. So articles get a bad rap because it's tricky to get engagement on them.

But when people do read, they are interested in what you do. I had large project from one article which was $20,000, and it was an amazing ROI on the time I spent on my article. So, be sure to put a call to action in your article. Make it useful, write it to that one person, and then think about where they are in that buyer path. And then you will knock it out of the park. So I'm opening up Content Camp soon. I'm going to include some information below. And also I have a free gift. So if you want to know how to create a content calendar in Trello and you want my free gift, I'm going to put the link down below. All right guys, take care and I'll see you later. Bye.

Deborah Ager