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3 Way to Get more Inbound Inquiries with Your LinkedIn Content

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Are you looking to get more inbound inquiries with your LinkedIn content?

Do you feel worried what your former coworkers on LinkedIn will think about you?

Do you feel uncertain how to begin or find the time for yet another task?

In this free mini-lesson, I share exactly what I've found most useful to get inbound inquiries *and* fantastic and smart clients.

Plus, I share a bonus tip about a simple thing I see a lot of people NOT doing. And it's an easy fix.

So I returned to LinkedIn about two years ago.

Previously, it had been a dreary platform I went to only when a recruiter sent me a message.

When I returned, I found a lively platform full of business owners like me!

I found clients I'd never have met otherwise.

Or, rather, they found me!

Before that happened, I wrote stiff content on LinkedIn.

Yes, even me. A writer.

You see, I'd come from "Mega Corp America." In corporate America, we could only write by committee.

That meant dry and dull copy.

I realized I didn't have to do that anymore.

I wrote more like ME.

And my inbox filled up with requests.

To say the least? I found this rather exciting.

I no longer had to take the DC metro--which breaks down all the time--to networking events.

I no longer had to eat cheese cubes on a stick while maybe making one decent contact at a networking event.

LinkedIn Content set me free from all that.

That's why I'm so passionate about helping others do the same.


Hi everybody. It's Deborah Ager from Radiant Media Labs. And I want to jump in here to share with you three ways to get leads from your LinkedIn content. This is something that I've been hearing a lot in my Facebook group, which is called Using Words to Get Inbound Leads. People are saying, Hey, I want to know more about getting leads with my content. So first of all, I want to say thank you for listening to my weekly show. I'm here every week and usually at one, today at one 30 eastern daylight time. And every week I share tips on getting leads and building business with your books or with your LinkedIn content. So type hello below so that I know you're here. I'd love to know that you stopped by. And so anyway, I'm sharing three ways to get inbound inquiries with your LinkedIn content.

Type yes If you think that that would be useful to know. So first of all, my name is Deborah Ager. As a published author and collaborator of more than 22 books as well as a marketer who's generated millions of dollars, I help coaches and consultants create business building books and LinkedIn content. So a fun fact about me is that I love fish tacos. I'm curious what you love. Let me know below. So I'm here to share a few pieces of the system that I teach my students when they're trying to get more inbound inquiries on LinkedIn. And this comes straight from what I normally only share just with them. So let me know, do you want to start using LinkedIn more? And if you're already using it, do you want better results? So type one below if that rings true for you.

So again, three ways to get leads with your LinkedIn content. And I first had this pro bonus tip for you, which is use a banner on LinkedIn. I was just looking at some profiles today and I saw that people are not always using banners on their LinkedIn profile. And this gives you such a wonderful opportunity to be able to tell people more about what you do. If you need an idea, go look at my banner on LinkedIn. I think it's still a picture of me speaking to some people. So if you have pictures of you speaking to people or pictures of you teaching a workshop or a group of people that shows you in an authority position as an expert in what you teach, and it is a wonderful way, an easy way, even if you're not a designer.

Hey Susie. Susie is a fabulous brand designer so she could probably help you out with your LinkedIn banner. So create your LinkedIn banner and you want to, if you don't want to have that photo of you and the authority position, then include a clear statement about what you offer. Again, it's using those words on LinkedIn to let more people know what you do. And if you need to do it really quick and dirty, you can always use Canva. They have templates in there that will help you out. So who thinks that they can use that tip today? Just let me know below. Just type Yes. So again, three ways to get leads from your LinkedIn content. So I just want to say two years ago I returned to LinkedIn. I used to think it was just a resume platform, kind of a place I go if I needed to find a new job.

But I began to study what people were doing, and I studied with people, I paid for trainings, I read loads of articles, I spent a lot of time on this and I found a lot of useful info from a lot of experts. But I realized one piece is missing. Hey Annie, Annie's watching for Canada. I think that's so cool. Hi. Let me know if you guys like Tacos. Tacos, yes or no. Let me know. So I was on this platform and I was writing this stiff content, which is weird for me because I'm a writer, but I felt like, oh, I'm on LinkedIn and I have to be all business like and official because you see I had worked in corporate America and Corporate America teaches you to write for a committee, and when you write for a committee you're trying to write to the entire Globe and you know what happens?

It becomes a milk toast, which means as dull is eating milk mixed, mashed up with toast. So basically, you know, when we were trying to appeal to everyone on the planet when I worked at Mega Corp America, then Yay, Andy likes tacos. That's awesome. Oh when I was trying to write for Mega Corp America, they just didn't want to do anything that would really deeply connect with people. It was kind of all just staying on the surface. The nice thing is if you're a business owner you have that power to use the words that you want to use and that's awesome. Let me take a sip of water here. So let me know if you've ever experienced that. Like you've come from Mega Corp and then you realize, oh yeah, the ways I can do things are different. I can even, I can do what I want. Have you ever had that realization? Just let me know below.

All right, my friends. So here goes the three ways that I'm about to teach you will help you know what to do to get more inbound inquiries on LinkedIn. So the first problem I see is about using the right content at the right time. Too often people are using the wrong content at the wrong time and even targeting it to the wrong people. So when content is not attached to where the audiences in their decision making process, it can be really confusing. So what do you do on LinkedIn when you can't control where they are in the process? If you're writing and hundred or 35,000 people see it like 35,000 people saw one of my posts, how do you know, how do you tailor it to everybody in there where they're thinking about your topic? Well, the easy answer is you don't.

But what you do is you include and create content that will address people over a series of days or even over a series of one day. We will address people where they are in that decision making process. So some people need a little bit of education before they are ready to make a decision. Some people need to know that you've worked with other people and had good results. Those are just two examples. You would have different content that addresses those different kinds of places where they are in terms of their thinking. You know what I mean? Does that make sense? Let me know below if that makes sense. So people always go through certain steps when they're buying. I talked about this in my last weekly live as well. There's always, they have to be aware of what you're doing. They are considering what you're doing.

Then they make a decision. Those are like the three main areas. Sometimes people talk about a fourth area, which is about the action. But those three main areas, awareness, consideration, and decision are really important when it comes to your LinkedIn content. And overall you need to help them feel comfortable and good in order to reach out to you. So too often I see people, they're sharing their awards, they're sharing their speaking events. And in one case, I saw an accounting firm. This was on their blog and not on Linkedin, but this accounting firm was sharing their company picnic. I was like, I know it's really interesting to the people who work there to have a company picnic, but their customers likely don't care. Their customers have accounting issues. They're worried about tax season. They wonder if their numbers are right. You see what I'm saying? How it doesn't quite match up? Let me know if that makes sense to you. So, I'll tell you what I recommend.

I recommend using stories. So share stories about your work and invite people into your world this way. People really love stories. It's one of the reasons why when I'm helping people on their content, I help them figure out the stories that they're going to use and which are the right ones for each stage of where the audience is in their decision making process. So just this one step of using stories will help you focus more deeply so that you connect more deeply with your ideal people and then you get more of those inbound inquiries on Linkedin. When I am really specific in my content, I get lots and lots of people reaching out to me. So, it works. I don't know what else to tell you. It works. It brings in lots of leads and I also want to say something, although I did get 35,000 views on a post and it gives me like some cool bragging rights, I guess I want to tell you the numbers really don't mean much.

You could get a hundred views of your post. That's a hundred people. You know, the Internet has kind of jaded us. Imagine if you were speaking in front of a hundred people like I am. I spoke to 120 people at a conference and I was so excited. But if I only got a hundred views on my LinkedIn content, I think not so much, but it is a hundred people who saw what you wrote. And that's really important because they're hearing more about what you do and you didn't have to go to a networking event. The last way is to always think about LinkedIn as a cocktail party. So when you go to a cocktail party, do you just of rush in and say, Hey John, I've never met you before, but guess what I sell and do you launch into your pitch? No, you kind of work the room, you ask people some questions, so do the same things in LinkedIn and it works really.

The other thing that's really important is the way linkedin works, they have this algorithm. If you're not a techie person and you're not familiar with that word, it basically just means that some computer programmers sat around and figured out ways to reward us. Like basically they're giving us a piece of chocolate cake or a cookie if we do what their platform wants. So LinkedIn rewards you for showing up and for showing up on a regular basis. So if you post once and disappear for a week, then you won't really get anywhere. And even if you post five times and disappear for a week or a month, it will really set you back a lot. So show up on a regular basis and treat it like a fun cocktail party, although maybe not with too many drinks. And, and you'll start to see that you will get more inbound inquiries. So I'd love to know how these tips work for you. And if you want to go deeper with this, I have a free guide on getting more leads with your LinkedIn content. So just type guide below and I will send it your way. Thanks everybody. It was great to see you and I hope you join me in the Using Words to Get Inbound Leads. Facebook group.

Lori Evans