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How to avoid boring others with your content

How to avoid boring others with your content + 1 sorta-secret copy tip

You’ve heard about LinkedIn being different than before.

Maybe you've logged in recently or even posted over there.

And you wonder why you’re only hearing crickets.🦗

Isn’t LinkedIn just for job seekers?

I felt the same way three years ago.

You see, I'd been using persuasive copywriting to...

..sell grapeffruit for Florida gift fruit companies.
..sell more speaking and training programs and products.
..grow my own business.

And I discovered 2 main things:

➡️ Every successful business has a foundation of the right words.

➡️ When a business bores people, that busienss suffers.

To sell the spaces in my VIP program through LinkedIn, I did not need...

--a complicated sales funnel.
--an ad budget.
--a launch team.

This video is one tiny part of my Content Camp program.... Content Camp, I teach the content strategies designed to get you more INBOUND leads...that means people coming to hire book you on their podcast or as a speaker.

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Hi Everyone, I'm so delighted to see you guys here. Today we're going to talk about your content. And in my Facebook group, people voted on what topic they wanted and this is a pretty hot one, which is about how to avoid boring other people with your content. Plus one sorta secret tip that I had found to be so useful for myself and with my paying clients. So I'm so excited that you guys are here and I'm really excited to share this with you. So, I am well actually, you know, with that topic, I would love to know, do you find that topic useful? So just let me know. Yes below if this topic about not boring people with your content is something that you're curious about. So, Hey Karen, so good to see you and thanks for stopping by. So, my name is Deborah Ager.

I'm a published author and book collaborator on more than 22 books, and I guide coaches and clients and consultants through the whole process of using words to increase their inbound opportunities. That is the sum of what I do. So podcasts, interviews, speaking, engagement, whatever it is, it's always words and the right ones that are helping you get there. So a fun fact about me is that due to the weather, I suddenly do not feel like drinking coffee. So when I drink a little water here, hmm hmm. And I don't know what it is. Maybe I'll get back to drinking coffee one day, but I know it's a thing and people love it, but I'm just kind of like, I can't do it. So let me know below. What is your favorite food? I think last time I did this I said Tacos. And it's so funny because I'm going to be eating some tacos later on, but right now I've got my water.

So what I'm sharing today comes straight from my content camp program and it's just one tiny part of the system that I've been teaching clients over the past four years. Or is it five now? When I've been helping them create their books and other kinds of content. And so all of it is designed to help you get more inbound opportunities on LinkedIn. And when I say inbound, just in case people aren't familiar with that lingo, what it really means is that people are coming to you and you're not having to send them a pitch. You're not having to call them, you're not having to show up at their office or do anything or send them a letter. Instead, they're coming your way. So it's inbound and it's just so much more fun that way When someone reaches out and says that they're interested in your work.

So let me know below. Do you want to use LinkedIn more? Just say LinkedIn if you do, cause I'm kinda curious what people think about it. So today's topic is all about how not to be boring. Plus I have a one kind of secret tip. You may know it, you may not, I'm not sure. So I want you to listen to something really quick. So my bonus tip is to use your readers favorite three letter word one, two, three. The favorite three letter word is you, Y. O. U. Hey Anita. So good to see you. Let us know where you're watching from and let us know your favorite food. I just think it's so much fun if we have a little ice breaker and people can get to know each other. So, just take a listen real quick with the word you and what this sounds like.

So if I wrote down, if I wrote you want more inbound opportunities, versus he wants more inbound opportunities or they want more inbound opportunities. Now maybe you want them or you don't. That part doesn't matter. It's just more about thinking about how does it sound. So for whenever you do insert what you do, so maybe you help people with mindset, like you want to feel confident and secure. He wants to feel confident and secure. They want to feel confident and secure. So in a lot of cases, the you, it's going to help you connect more deeply with other people. And that is why it's such an amazing word to use in your copy. So if you're feeling stuck or you feel like your copy or your content isn't landing or isn't bringing you in the opportunities that you want, think about whether you need to use the word you a little bit more.

So it's a little bit easier to show this on paper than to try to speak it out. So I hope that this works enough and you can kind of understand how that works. Okay. So, and by the way, I just said, I think I just said in there somewhere that help you connect. It would have been kind of weird if I said help them connect or help him connect cause you would've been like, Huh, she's not talking to me. So it's the same thing when you're writing, you'll hear me say you a lot in this video and it's the same thing when you're writing content that people see in text. So any time that you're considering creating copy, consider using you. So let me know if you can use that tip today or maybe even this week. Just type yes below if you think that that's a tip that you can use at some point. So now today's topic is about not boring people or boring others with your writing. So a quick story about why I wanted to talk about this is that over the years clients and then way back when I worked for others and employers would come to me with the same issue and that was that they wanted to connect with people, they wanted people to take an action, they wanted people to do something. And even if they didn't explicitly say it, they didn't want to bore people. Because if you bore people, they go away. I see this happen on LinkedIn all the time with certain kinds of content that is just really not engaging or connecting with others. So this is a real valid concern that a lot of people have and it's totally normal to have it. So if you feel this way, I just want to let you know that you are definitely in great company.

So this can especially be challenging if you have a dry topic. And you know who you are. If you have a dry topic, let me know. But sometimes people think, oh, I work in accounting, or Oh, I'm a lawyer, or Oh, I do x, y, z. And what I do is not interesting. So one of the main issues that I've seen around that is when folks are trying to appeal to everybody, or the opposite is when they're trying to appeal to no one. So one of the things you've probably heard me say is getting clear on your audience, but what I'm about to teach you, I'll help you avoid that dry, dull content issue that a lot of people experience. So when the topic is a dry one, there's no reason it has to stay that way. So I helped a client write the ultimate content, which was her book.

But a book is comprised of a lot of different parts, which are really content that can be used on social media, in LinkedIn posts. You know it can be used in different ways. So her topic was on estate planning and we use certain types of scenes from her life in order to help her connect with people. And it ended up working really well because when she shared this content with people, they realized that she was for them. They realized that she had similar experiences to them. They realize that she understood them. And that is what this did. It was so exciting to see this happen. So those real life stories and scenes really helped make that come alive and it works. So type 2 If you've ever done something like that before or if that's something that you think you could use that would be helpful to know.

Now the second one I call use your words, which is that your words matter so much on LinkedIn, and other platforms too of course. But people want to hear who you are. They want to hear your unique perspective. I know those of you watching, because we've been talking in the Facebook group, that you guys have so many unique abilities and such an interesting viewpoint and take on the world ,and people want to hear about that, and they're able to see it through the words that you share, which is just so cool. And the Internet and social media gives us this chance to meet with people or encounter people from all over the place. So you get to make up something here and be inventive and imaginative and creative. And even if you don't think you are any of those things, this is just something simple that you can do, which is what do you call what you do.

So you might call it what a lot of other people call it and that's fine. You might have something else that you want to call it. So for instance, you know I have content camp and that's how I refer to the work I do with people around LinkedIn content. And so it's just sort of like a shortcut way of talking about it. And it's also a unique name. It stands out a little bit rather than using a whole bunch of words to describe what I do every single time. So it really helps that way. So use a unique name for it. You can brainstorm this. You can type up a whole bunch of ideas and words, you write them down on paper and then if you want on LinkedIn, you can make a Hashtag for it so it stays unique to you. So on LinkedIn, I've used things like when I was talking about books or when I was talking about writing copy, I've got different hashtags I use for that, so I can find my content later and other people can find it too. So do you want to go deeper with this? I invite you to get my free guide. I'm creating LinkedIn content that ends up getting you more inbound opportunities in sales. And if you want that, just type the word guide below and I would love to send you the link so that you can go pick it up. All right, thanks. And join me in the Facebook group too, if you're interested. It's called using words to get inbound leads. All right. Bye guys. Thank you so much for showing up.


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