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Thanks to my book, I got 4 clients in 2 months.
— Ellen Burton, Executive Coach

Hi, I’m Deborah.


If you’re like most action-taking, world-changing speakers and consultants, you want to become an author to expand your speaking career, leave a legacy, or impact the world.

Experts like you have all this knowledge inside. Yet you’re challenged with getting it out of your head in the way that you want—let alone inspiring people to action.

And you might have decided it’s more profitable for you to keep speaking and working rather than taking the time away from your business to write your own book.

As your guide and thought partner, I’ll help you.

You’ll feel calm.

You’ll make real progress on your book.

You’ll feel confident your book will connect with readers.

You’ll feel more clarity around what to do with all the ideas buzzing in your mind or stored in a folder somewhere.

As a 22-time book collaborator, I developed my effective book creation process with you in mind.

And it’s not only important to know the process….It’s important to have a partner and guide to help you through bumpy areas.

Because you want to help more people.

To do that, you want to keep your message out there and get more clients, media attention, and speaking opportunities. All that takes time.

And you don’t want to spend that time figuring out how to write a book…alone.

If you relate, I can help.

I’ll help you bring this project home in the right way and with a specific timeline.

You’ll have an experienced ghostwriter and book finisher at your side to help you create a book that tells your story while inspiring your people to action.

Lori became an author after using the Book Activation Method.


Hamid was inspired by the process of the Book Activation Method. His book regularly brings new clients into his business.


Ready to get started so you can finally finish? Here are your package options.

1-1 VIP Book Outline Collaboration

You walk away with a completed book outline.

Feel good about your progress.

Capture your good ideas and know that they will connect with your readers.

Feel confident you are taking steps in the right direction.

  1. Proven methods to unearth your reader’s needs and include only the right content for your readers.
    Valued at: $800

  2. Collaboration sessions so you have a partner to help you feel at east in creating or revising your outline.
    Valued at $1,997.

  3. Follow-up session to refine and revise our work.

    Valued at $500.

Total value: $3,297

Your price: $1,997

Done together Book Creation

You receive the outline, a draft and a revised manuscript. This is “done together”and for people who want to be hands-on with their book’s editing.

Feel good that progress is made even if you’re busy doing your work.

Imagine seeing the word count increase and knowing your book is saying what you want it to say.

Outline / Drafting Stage

  • You walk away with an outline from the VIP Book Outline collaboration.
    Valued at $1,997.

  • You receive time and attention to create and gather material to capture the words for your book.
    Valued at $10,000.

Edit Stage 1

  • You receive a done-for-you draft based on the material you provided.

  • In edit stage 1, the book is not yet “done” at this point, so we revise together to move to the next step. Valued at: $15,000.

Edit Stage 2

  • You provide your comments and thoughts, and you receive a revised manuscript. This revision will still need to be proofread, which takes place in the next stage. Valued at: $11,000.

Proofreading & Finishing Stage

  • Consultation on the best next steps for publishing your book. Valued at $350

  • Access to my “little black book” of publishers, designers, proofreaders and book format experts. Valued at: $2,000

  • Review of your book jacket copy, author bio, and cover design. Valued at $1,000.

Your investment: $18,000

$2,000 per month for 9 months.

Custom Editing & Boutique 1-1 Ghostwriting

These projects are based on your unique needs and project requirements.

You might want ballpark figures, so here are some examples.

An agency owner’s proven process: Soon after publication, two clients signed on after ordering the book and generated a combined revenue of $100,000. That’s a huge return on investment on my $34,000 fee to outline the book, determine content, draft the manuscript and revise it. This book continues to bring in new clients.

A respected consultant with 26 years of experience wanted to write a book of about 100 pages. We worked on the outline, draft and final polishing together. My fee of $25,000 for the project resulted in speaking and consulting engagements that more than paid for the book investment.

A financial leader’s book on securing your financial future: She’d wanted to write a book for years. She paid me $16,000 to edit it. Now, she’s received radio interviews and other prestigious press, including with the Wall Street Journal. Her book was the ticket into high-visibility opportunities to expand her business presence. The book continues to create PR opportunities.

An executive coach’s leadership book: As a sought-after consultant, she struggled to find time to write her book. My combination of book coaching and project direction for $15,000 allowed her to fulfill her dream of authorship while expanding her thought leadership.

A financial practice owner’s tax-savings strategies: By hiring me to collaborate on his book outline, we created a storytelling-based book to turn a normally dry topic into an excellent read. He wrote the book based on our outline and hired me to provide an edit later. Now, I’m connecting him to a publisher from my network.

From the first call, Deborah listened intently to me talk through my challenges and opportunities. Focusing on really understanding that I really didn’t know what I wanted, but allowing room for me to talk through it with a trusted adviser was exactly what I needed. She asked great questions, and provided excellent insights throughout our work together. The deliverables were very action oriented and provided a clear road map.
— Mark House, Executive Coach

It’s so easy to put off authoring your book.

Since I’ve been doing this work for five years, I’ve heard it all.

More than 40 people have told me their greatest regret would be not writing a book before they die.

And how many of them do it?

Not 40. That’s because you can have a thriving business and healthy life without a book.

Yes. I am saying this even though it’s not in my best interest to point it out.

Because people will keep putting it off until three months from now. Next year. And that often turns into never.

Attention creates action.

If you really want to be an author? You’ll need to attend to it. And you’ll have to take action to make it happen.

If you don’t?

It might be 30 years from now, and you’ll wonder why you never worked on that book.

All that said, this is for you if you…

  1. Will take action on your book, because only action takers succeed.

  2. Want to use storytelling to help your topic come alive on the page,

  3. Desire to author a high-quality book,

  4. Already have successfully helped clients or audiences.

  5. Prefer books written in a friendly and conversational tone (not stiff and academic).

I’m Deborah Ager,

and I help speakers create business-building books

As a 22-time book collaborator, I guide thought leaders to author business-building books. And it’s my background as an author, college English professor, and marketer to speakers and corporations that turned me onto the book creation path.


How The Book Activation method Began

For one speaker-trainer, I landed tens of thousands of dollars in speaking engagements and sales trainings with his book. That’s how I learned books can provide a powerful business marketing foundation—especially for those that teach, speak and train.

In the past five years, I’ve taught dozens of students how to write their books, authored and co-edited three under my own name and have ghostwritten and edited dozens more.

I published my own first book in 2009. That first book took ten years. My next three books took only four years total. By the way, Bloomsbury Publishing (New York, Sydney, Oxford, New Delhi) published one of my books. And my work has appeared in college textbooks across the US and UK. Through the writing and production of all of these books, I mastered this effective book creation process.

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