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How to Write LinkedIn Content to Get Leads

Learn a Valuable and Successful Approach to Creating LinkedIn Content that:

  • Connects you to more people interested in hiring or collaborating with you.

  • Attracts more clients and incoming opportunities,

  • Positions you as an expert in what you do,

  • Builds your audience, so you can launch a service or program,

    —no matter the number of connections you have now.

Content Camp is an 8-week Live Mentorship & Workshop

focused on helping you get inbound inquiries to make money and expand your message.


Experts like you have all this fantastic knowledge locked up inside. Yet you’re challenged with getting it out of your head in the way you want to let alone inspiring people to action.

As your guide and thought partner, I’ll help you.

You’ll feel less stressed.

You’ll feel more comfortable creating content and connections, and you’ll make real progress on growing your business.

Through years of running marketing strategies for all sizes of companies and building my own company, I mastered this effective content process.

Increasing my visibility opened doors.

Invitations began rolling in.

My ideal people routinely reach out to ask how to work with me.

People have sought me out to give presentations at the College of St. Rose, University of Florida, Grinnell College and various museums and art centers. And it can happen for you as it happened for me—and my clients.

Yet you need to know the steps.

And you need to take action.

If you’re like most action-taking coaches and consultants, you want to help more people.

You want to get your message out there, so you want more clients, podcast interviews, and speaking opportunities.

But you might have questions and need help navigating pitfalls while finding answers to your questions.

Maybe you’ve been stuck in one of these areas:

  1. spending hours in the write-delete cycle,

  2. worrying what your past colleagues think,

  3. not knowing what to write about or how to start.

If you relate, I can help.

I used LinkedIn content to build my ghostwriting business into a success.

Before now, the main way get my eyes on your writing was through private 1-1 sessions, yet the number of people I can help that way is limited.

So I created Content Camp to help more people with content…

From the first call, Deborah listened intently to me talk through my challenges and opportunities. Focusing on really understanding that I really didn’t know what I wanted, but allowing room for me to talk through it with a trusted adviser was exactly what I needed. She asked great questions, and provided excellent insights throughout our work together. The deliverables were very action oriented and provided a clear road map.
— Mark House, Executive Coach

Already know you want it?


“I believe in serving those who aim to improve humanity.”

That’s what I say about my work.

It’s important to me.

If you feel a similar way, you’re in the right spot.

This is for you if you…

  1. Want an experienced pro copywriter to teach you content creation skills you can use in your business again and again.

  2. Earn decent money yet want to make more.

  3. Have achieved success for clients with your services or systems.

This is for…

Transformational and executive coaches.

Service-based businesses.



Imagine Waking Up Each Day Knowing Just What You Need to Do to Get Inquiries from Your LinkedIn Content

I’ve created a way for you to make real progress…

Content Camp helps you:

  • Feel confident about what you create.

  • Understand what people need to know before they’ll reach out to you.

  • Increase incoming inquiries.

  • Turn strangers into clients and collaborators.

    And you don’t have to bother sending cheesy cold emails or messages. Or attend networking events with cheese cube platters (unless you want that).

Here’s how it works…In this workshop, every aspect is designed for you to take action and turn your words into your welcome party for new clients.

→ Monthly generative writing sessions: We hop on a call and everyone works at the same time. The power of a group working on their own thing inspires action. Valued at $600.

→ Your monthly copy build up: You get 1-1 attention on your writing from me while others in the program benefit from the conversation. Valued at $1,500.

→ Creativity & writing prompts: You’ll never have to be stuck, because you’ll have these seeds of ideas to help you start. In my years of teaching in universities and elsewhere, I’ve developed prompts that generate ideas and unearth your good ideas. Valued at $500.

→ Monthly ask-me-anything calls: You can submit a question AND you can ask for specific lessons and “on-demand” training on any topic I’m qualified to speak about (content, marketing, making fish tacos). Valued at $1,500.

→ Access to a content vault with tools designed to smooth the process for you. Valued at: $997.

Total Value: $5,197

Your Investment: $497

I’m Deborah Ager,

and I Help People Create Business-Building Copy & Books

You may have heard…

  • Harvard, Yale, Brown, and other colleges subscribed to the poetry magazine I founded.

  • As a 22-time book collaborator, I guide clients to author business-building books. They tell me they like I have 20+ years of marketing experience, so they can avoid common pitfalls when it comes to writing for their audience.

  • At the American Red Cross, I generated $104M in 3.5 years with digital marketing. And I’ve taught creative writing at Johns Hopkins, the University of Florida and the George Washington University.

  • For one speaker-trainer, I landed tens of thousands of dollars in speaking engagements and sales trainings with his book—the ultimate content! That’s how I learned that valued content can provide a powerful business marketing foundation—especially for businesses that teach, consult, coach and train.

    It’s my background as an author, college English professor, and marketer that turned me onto this content marketing path.

Start Date: September 30, 2019