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How to Write LinkedIn Content to Get Leads

Get Leads with Your LinkedIn Content

—Even if It Hasn’t Worked Before

(or You Can Barely Write an Email)

Content Camp: How to Write Content that Gets Leads

While Feeling More Joy and Purpose in the Process

for speakers, coaches & consultants

ready to gain more leads, clients, podcast interviews, and authority.

From the first call, Deborah listened intently to me talk through my challenges and opportunities...allowing room for me to talk through it with a trusted adviser was exactly what I needed. She asked great questions, and provided excellent insights throughout our work together. The deliverables were very action oriented and provided a clear road map.
— Mark House, Executive Coach

Hi, I’m Deborah.


If you’re like most ambitious speakers, coaches and consultants, you want to get more leads and clients—and even podcast interviews and speaking opportunities.

You know you need to be “out there” more. And you’ve tried posting on LinkedIn like you were told, yet it’s not working.

And maybe you…

  1. don’t know who to talk to in your content,

  2. find yourself staring at a blank screen instead of writing,

  3. worry your content will bore people,

  4. spend hours writing and then delete everything because you don’t like it.

Maybe you’ve struggled with earlier efforts. And you wonder if you’ll ever get ANY leads from all the posting.

You can keep trying to go it alone and spend hours figuring out each step. But you have a business to run. Priorities to address. Fires to put out. And no time to focus on this black hole of a project with no end.

If you relate, I can help.

Want to Avoid Common Pitfalls and Actually Reach Your Goal in 30 Days?

I’ll help you turn your content into leads and sales in the right way. With the right steps, you’ll see progress and your stress will decrease. You’ll know the DAILY actions to take to set up your content to get leads, so you feel at ease and confident about your business.

If you follow my proprietary process and do the work, it’s possible to have leads coming in within 30 days.

From No Idea How to Start to Leads Coming TO YOU

This program offers training and repeatable DAILY steps.

You learn how to turn strangers into leads and customers. You learn how to captivate your readers, so they reach out to you. And you don’t have to bother reaching out to them first with time-consuming cold emails or messages.

  • Clarify your personal or business goal, purpose and audience, so you have a clear way to communicate your value to others.

  • Map out the RIGHT content, so you captivate people into reaching out to you.

  • Create your content while experiencing JOY and purpose instead of dread, uncertainty or a feeling of being stuck.

  • Get copy “build ups” to sharpen your skills and feel happier with your writing, so you can write faster and never have to hire a copywriter (unless you want to).

  • Identify when to post, where the content goes and what to work on next. This process is guaranteed to save you at least 10 excruciating hours. This becomes your map for your whole content planning system, so it’s important to get this step right.

  • Develop your repeatable DAILY plan, so you know what to do each day and ONLY spend the least amount of time to get results: Everyone has a different business. The foundation of what to do is the same, yet a custom approach will mean you do what works best for your business, your schedule, and your first (or next) clients.


Ready to get started so you can get more leads and clients? Here’s what’s included:

For a price that won’t be offered again, grab the chance to apply for this program to get the following:


You receive guidance to develop the foundation for your content to get leads and sales. This is all based on the proven system I use with my private 1-1 clients.

The Positive Visibility Process: Learn my precise method to ensure you create content that doesn’t bore people—and that turns them into leads and clients. Valued at: $1,000.

The Content Acceleration Method + Personal Action Tracking System + Editorial Calendar Template: Never be stuck for ideas again. Learn methods to get good your good ideas out on paper, and have a personal tracking system to stay motivated. Never be caught in that “write-delete-write-delete” cycle again.
Valued at $1,500.


You’ll be able to take action and try out the ideas in real time and get feedback on your results, so you can keep improving.

The Story Shortcut: Discover a repeatable process to create the right stories to help you build trust while nurturing people into clients and collaborators. Valued at: $1,000.

The 4x4 Formula: Get guidance through the 4 key steps to creating lead-generating content, so you can align your content to what your future client or customer needs to know. Valued at: $1,500.


You’ll have a repeatable method you can use over and over to get leads and sales.

The Content Framework: Turn what you’ve learned into a repeatable process to generate more leads with a DAILY action guide to help. Valued at $500.

Content Library: You get access to a growing library of materials, so you’re supported through in your writing process and through the different stages to get more opportunities.

Extras to Help You Succeed

→ 4 generative writing sessions, Valued at: $1,200

→ Email scripts to get booked on podcasts or on the phone with an influencer. (Just because we focus on inbound here doesn’t mean you never want to use outbound tools like an email.)

→ Copy “build ups,” so you get suggestions for your writing and ideas while learning from others, Valued at $1,000

→ LIVE and recorded explainer videos to help you bring home this effort, Valued at $997

Total Value: $7,997+

Your Investment: $197

(Early bird good through Thursday, July 25, 2019)

Price Increases to $297 on Friday, July 26, 2019.


“I Still Have Questions…”

How is this different from other Lead Gen Programs?

Most programs leave you alone with video modules and almost no live interaction. I’ve created this program to combine personal attention and 24-7 training availability—with the added benefit of actionable steps—so you make real progress.

How long does it last?

12 weeks. And you keep access to the content vault.

How long do I have access?

You have access to the course as long as it exists—and the methods taught can be repeatedly used. You have access to me through the group for the entire length of the class.

Will I have access to the materials right away?

Yes. You’ll have access to everything in this program, so you can start immediately.

How much time does it take per week?

You may work on it 1 hours one week and 3 the next. Since your access to the materials won’t expire, you can choose what works best for you.

Due to my book [content], I got 4 clients in 2 months.
— Ellen Burton, Executive Coach

This is for You If You Want To…

  1. Work with a professional copywriter—without the expense of hiring somebody 1-1, which can cost $5,000.

  2. Have structure and accountability to get leads with content.

  3. Have a guide to walk you through every step of the process.

  4. Use stories to help your topic come alive.

  5. Have fun while growing your business.

I’m Deborah Ager,

and I Help People Create Business-Building Copy & Books

Allow me to introduce myself.

As a magazine founder (Harvard and Yale subscribe to my magazine) and a copywriter who’s generated more than $104M for three companies, I guide thought leaders in creating business-building content (including books). And it’s my background as an author, college English professor, and marketer to speakers and corporations that turned me onto the content marketing path.


How Content Camp Began

Experts like you have all this fantastic knowledge locked up inside. Yet you’re challenged with getting it out and turning it into lead-generating content, so you can inspire people to action.

As your guide and thought partner, I’ll help you get leads from your own words. You’ll feel less stressed, and you’ll make real progress on growing business.

For one speaker-trainer, I landed tens of thousands of dollars in speaking engagements and sales trainings with his book—the ultimate content! That’s how I learned that valued content can provide a powerful business marketing foundation—especially for businesses that teach, consult, coach and train.

Through years of running marketing strategies for all sizes of companies, I mastered this effective content process.

And increasing my visibility Opened Doors

After I became more visible on social, the invitations for podcasts and the leads began to roll in. I used to spend SO much time getting interviews and clients. Now, they mostly just happen.

After I wrote a book, people sought me out to give presentations at colleges, museums, art centers, and universities. And it can happen for you as it happened for me—and my clients.

Yet you need to know the steps. And you need to take action. If you don’t start now, where will you be a year from now?