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How to Finish Your Business-Building Book

—Even if You Don’t Know How to Start

A 6-month mentorship for speakers, coaches & consultants ready

to become authors & gain more clients, credibility and authority.

Thanks to my book, I got 4 clients in 2 months.
— Ellen Burton, Executive Coach

Hey, I’m Deborah,


If you’re like most ambitious speakers, coaches and consultants, you want to become an author to expand your speaking career, leave a legacy, or positively impact the world. Or you may want a book to complement your training or course.

Yet maybe you…

  1. don’t know how to start,

  2. feel your book is “stuck” in your head,

  3. or worry that too many similar books exist.

Maybe you’ve struggled with earlier efforts. And you wonder if you’ll ever get past the first five words, much less finish.

You can keep trying to go it alone and spend hours figuring out each step. But you have a business to run. Priorities to address. Fires to put out. And no time to focus on this black hole of a project with no end.

If you can relate, I can help.

Want to Avoid the Common Pitfalls and Actually Reach Your Goal in as Little as Six Months?

I’ll help you bring this project home in the right way and with a specific timeline. You’ll see progress in your work, and your stress will decrease. You’ll know each action to take to complete your book. Plus, you’ll have me—an experienced ghostwriter and book finisher—at your side. I’ll help you finish your book the right way and on a specific timeline, so you feel at ease in the process.

If you follow my proprietary process and do the work, you can have a first draft out of your head and on paper in 90 days! And it’ll be high-quality material.

Go from Having No Idea How to Start to Becoming a Published Author with Media and Client Opportunities

This program is both a training program and actionable mastermind with loads of personal support.

You learn how to start the project, what content will captivate your readers, and how to “bake marketing” into the book from the very start, so your book helps you share your message widely while growing your business.

Each actionable step ties into the one before it, so you don’t waste time or resources.

As an author, you’ll be able to:

  • Clarify your personal or business goal, purpose and audience.

  • Know how to start.

  • Map out the RIGHT captivating content for your book.

  • Finalize your table of contents and outline, so you know exactly where the content goes and what to work on next. This process is guaranteed to save you at least 10 excruciating hours. The outline becomes your map for the entire project, so it’s important to get this step right.

  • Dictate the meat of your book instead of writing or typing it, which will further save your sanity and keep you making progress.

  • Get Q&As with LIVE and personal attention on your ideas and writing. (I normally charge $250/hour for this.)

  • Connect with other ambitious speakers, coaches & consultants.


Ready to get started so you can become an author? Here’s what’s included:

For a price that won’t be offered again, grab the chance to apply for this program to get the following:

Book Outline Creation

You receive help to create your book outline and bake marketing into the book. Materials are based on the proven system I use with my private 1-1 clients.

  1. Learn my precise method to ensure you create a book people want to read.
    (Valued at: $1,500.)

  2. Get guidance through the 4 key steps to creating a stellar book outline.
    (Valued at $1,000.)

  3. Get actionable steps to complete your outline, so you know exactly who will read your book and what content to include for them.

    (Valued at $1,900.)

  4. Personalized action plan with accountability and deadlines, so you stay on track.

    (Valued at $1,000.)

Guided Book Creation

I show you how to create your draft—even if you don’t love writing. And you won’t have to hunch over a laptop 10 hours a day.

  1. Receive guidance through any blocks or sticking points. (Valued at: $3,000)

  2. Learn and use time-saving methods to record your book, so you don’t have to spend hours typing.

    (Valued at: $3,000.)

  3. Learn the most common writing mistakes and avoid them from the start, so you end up with a strong draft.

    (Valued at: $1,000.)

  4. Get tailored feedback on your book title and chapter titles.

    (Valued at: $500.)

  5. Get input on your book jacket copy.

    (Valued at $1,000.)

  6. Receive guidance (not editing) on the revision of your book draft, so it becomes a publishable book.

    (Valued at: $4,000.)

Publish & Launch

I consult with you on the next steps and introduce you to the right people in my referral network to publish your book.

  1. Consultation on publishing your book whether you already have a publisher or not.

    (Valued at $350.)

  2. Access to my “little black book” of designers, proofreaders and book format experts, so you only pay for services you need—and none that you don’t.

    (Valued at: $2,000.)

Plus, you get…

6 1-1 working sessions to focus together on your book and its creation. (Valued at $3,000.)

Personal attention on your project. (Valued at $4,000.)

Access to the “content vault,” so you have step-by-step instructions available 24-7. Valued at $1,997.

Total Value: $14,000+

Your Investment: $5,100

$850 / month for 6 months.


“I Still Have Questions…”

How is this different from other book writing programs?

Most programs leave you alone with video modules and almost no live interaction. I’ve created this program to combine personal attention, 24-7 training availability, combined with group Q&As—with the added benefit of actionable steps—so you make real progress.

Other programs promise you bestseller status. I don’t. Because a guy turned a photo of his foot into an Amazon bestseller. To do it, give the book away for free to anyone who will listen and watch the “sales” increase. We don’t do that here. Instead, this program takes you through the prep work you need to ensure you grow or expand an audience ready to HIRE you for real speaking engagements and consulting assignments.

Wait. What Do You Mean by a “Fake bestseller”?

I see too many “book experts” promising bestseller status when it’s easy to get and doesn’t help your business. Just give away a bunch of books one day, get into an easy category to claim the #1 spot for a few minutes, and the bestseller title is yours. This fake bestseller status doesn’t mean you made money, sold books, received speaking engagements or grew your business. So I have a real problem with people promising bestseller status in this deceptive way.

How much will you be around, Deb?

A lot! You receive access to my through voice and text messages through an app called Voxer. Plus, you and I will meet 1-1, and I’ll be leading the live Q&As to answer your questions and coach live.

How long does it last?

6 months. And you keep access to the content vault. Most people finish the writing in 6 months and connect with book production experts from my “little black book” for another month or so to finish the production phase and place the book on Amazon.

How long do I have access?

You have access to the course as long as it exists—and the methods taught can be repeatedly used. You have access to me for six months.

Will I have access to the materials right away?

You’ll have access to everything you need to get started—with additional support tools added to help you.

How much time does it take per week?

You may work on it 3 hours on week, 0 the next and then 10 hours another week. Since your access to the materials won’t expire, you can choose what works best for you. Recently, one student said they’d be away for a month, so we worked out a way for her to work around her schedule while still achieving her goal.

I’m in a different time zone. Will the live calls work for me?

The Q&As and most calls will happen in the morning in US Eastern time. That’s afternoon for the UK and early morning for Pacific Time. You can always watch replays and still get your questions answered by messaging me.

From the first call, Deborah listened intently to me talk through my challenges and opportunities. Focusing on really understanding that I really didn’t know what I wanted, but allowing room for me to talk through it with a trusted adviser was exactly what I needed. She asked great questions, and provided excellent insights throughout our work together. The deliverables were very action oriented and provided a clear road map.
— Mark House, Executive Coach

This is for You If You Want To…

  1. Work with a professional ghostwriter and book editor without hiring one, which can cost $35,000+.

  2. Have structure and accountability to bring home this project.

  3. Have a guide to walk you through every step of the process.

  4. Write the words to your book yourself as opposed to having someone do it for you,

  5. Create a book (workbook, handbook, “how to", etc) to share your proven system,

  6. Use stories to help your topic come alive,

  7. Author a high-quality book (not blog posts fused together in a Google Doc),

  8. Write a book in a friendly and conversational tone (not stiff and academic).

I’m Deborah Ager,

and I Help People Create Business-Building Books

Allow me to introduce myself.

As a 22-time book collaborator (of my own and others), I guide thought leaders in sharing their proven systems and message in a business-building book. And it’s my background as an author, college English professor, and marketer to speakers and corporations that turned me onto the book creation path.


How The Book Activation method® Began

Experts like you have all this fantastic knowledge locked up inside. Yet you’re challenged with getting it out and turning it into a structured book, so you can educate and inspire people.

As your guide and thought partner, I’ll help you bring this project home. You’ll feel less stressed about the project, and you’ll make real progress.

For one speaker-trainer, I landed tens of thousands of dollars in speaking engagements and sales trainings with his book. That’s how I learned books can provide a powerful business marketing foundation—especially for businesses that teach and train.

I’ve collaborated on more than 22 books. I taught dozens of students how to write their books, authored and co-edited three under my own name and have ghostwritten and edited dozens more.

Through the writing and production of all of these books, I mastered this effective book creation process.

And becoming an author Opened Doors

After I became an author, people sought me out to give presentations at colleges, museums, art centers, and universities. And it can happen for you as it happened for me—and my clients.

Yet you need to know the steps. And you need to take action. If you don’t start now, where will you be a year from now?